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In the Universe of my mind

©  noritamado

A little preview of my up coming work! ehehe ;D


"Ichigo… I’m glad your ok."

♥~♥ Thank you *bowing deeply*


© noritamado


©  黒木紅華@twitter

doctor-rukia requested: "I'd love to see some ichiruki swapped cliches like Rukia is the knight and Ichigo is the princess"

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smh that ain’t right


i preserve my sexy
and I'm packin' heat so don't disrespect me

sooooo i’m following a bunch of people and i love all of these people cuz they make my dashboard that much more special ❤


without any further ado,

my follow forever !!!!

also this is in no order cuz i’m terrible like that

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archmasterjazzy ▄ kagune ▄ itachis-homie ▄ thirteenths

(ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) Thank you pimpaizen! ♥ you wonderful soul♥


these two ruined my life and I couldn’t be happier about it


[admin] Reading bleach and watching Haikyuu!! I can imagine unohana being the captain, soi fon being the libero and yoruichi being the ace. *and ooc ichigo and renji being rukia fanboys..* =))

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by くりた

Rukia Kuchiki as Usagi Kuchiki: Champion of Justice! On behalf of the moon she will right wrongs and triumph over evil♡*(ू•‧̫•ू⑅)♡⋆*ೃ:.✧! Or something like that~ I have a problem, ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ lol. 

Request 1/3

"E-errr… Rukia. Wrong line”. ★ ☾ 


Bleach one edit per chapter > Chapter 2

FANART LOVER!!!!!!! I ship ICHIRUKI, you may have to put up with quite a lot of it. I also have other interests too so you may wanna stick around . I am here to showcase Ichiruki Fanart a art scout if you will , I browse though Fanart sight's picking from what I believe to be the best Out there, the kind that show Ichigo and Rukia's dynamic relationship with depth ,beauty and that fire that has ignited the IchiRuki Fandom , I in no way intend to be disrespectful to any artist so I try to credit and source all Art I do find to the best of my ability , I believe these beautiful works should be celebrated among us who appreciate all the hard work, time and dedication and the enormous talent that goes in creating these works of art.

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