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In the Universe of my mind



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"Don’t be so sad…even if you can’t see me….I’ll always watch over you"

BLEACHまとめ 3 

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This man was born with glass bones and paper skin. 
Every morning he breaks his legs, and every afternoon he breaks his arms.
At night, he lies awake in agony until his heart attacks put him to sleep.

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We must not shed tears. That is the defeat of the body by the heart.Because, for us, this thing called 'the heart' can become nothing
less than proof that one's existence is superfluous.
30 Day Bleach Challenge: 
Day 1 - Favourite Character: Kuchiki Rukia

"Orange and Purple…Swirl..Swirlll..Swirlll..Swirlll."

Me being a Dork and referencing Orange is the new Black while working. xD I’m gonna be singing that all day. 0.o Rukia calling Ichigo “Dandelion”. Aah sorry (0///0), I’ll go back to work now. 




"Behind every great man there’s a great woman."

At a certain spot and angle. .. I can carry Will.

Photog: @zippydj


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By Rui-Sama

FANART LOVER!!!!!!! I ship ICHIRUKI, you may have to put up with quite a lot of it. This is meant to be a Fan Art blog, though with the occasional randomness by my part ;3. I am here to showcase Ichiruki, Fanart an art scout if you will. I browse through Fanart sites and artist blogs, picking from what I believe to be the best Out there, the kind that shows Ichigo and Rukia's dynamic relationship with depth ,beauty and that fire that has ignited the IchiRuki Fandom. I in no way intend to be disrespectful to any artist so I try to credit and source all Art I do find to the best of my ability. I believe these beautiful works should be celebrated among us who appreciate all the hard work, time and dedication and the enormous talent that goes in creating these works of art.

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