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FANART LOVER!!!!!!! + Ichiruki so
If your gonna follow this just know , I love Anime and Manga like Bleach etc. & I ship ICHIRUKI, you may have to put up with quite a lot of it.
I also have other interests too so you may wanna stick around .
I am here to showcase Ichiruki Fanart a art scout if you will , I browse though Fanart sight's picking from what I believe to be the best Out there,
the kind that show Ichigo and Rukia's dynamic relationship with depth ,beauty and that fire that has ignited the IchiRuki Fandom ,
I in no way intend to be disrespectful to any artist so I try to credit and source all Art I do find to the best of my ability , I believe these beautiful works should be celebrated among us who appreciate all the hard work, time and dedication and the enormous talent that goes in creating these works of art.

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